The Titans

The Titans are the primary gods of this world.

Every child is taught that the Titans protected the world from the Breaking, and now watch over the world from their Heavenly Tower. Once a week, people go to church and worship there, hearing stories of the Titans battle against their enemies and offering prayers to whichever Titan would help them most. Each temple holds shrines to multiple Titans, so clerics often intermingle.

Evil beings form cults worshipping the Titans’ enemies, plotting in hidden locations.

The Titans

Name Domain Description Symbol
Troyia Life, Light, Civilization Troyia is the Queen of the Titans, a warrior who rules fairly and justly. However, in the stories, there are constant threats to her rule, and she is often deposed by evil forces, only to unite the Titans in battle and reclaim her throne. Troyia.png
The Raven Queen Death, Darkness, Magic The Raven Queen guards the border between Life and Death, and watches over the magical nature of creation. She is a secretive goddess, pale and cloaked, who appears in her follower’s dreams. Raven.png
The Drake Knowledge (secrets), Trickery, Protection The Drake protects the people in the night, and knows everything. the Drake does not share this knowledge like the Maker, but hoards it. Despite the traditional metallic/chromatic split in dragon alignments, the Drake is always depicted as a black dragon. Drake.png
the Maker Knowledge, War The Maker is a god who was once a man, but replaced himself with a suit of magical armor and magical weapons. He is a kind god, teaching all manner of crafting to his followers, hoping they will one day join him. Maker.png
Arsenal War, Tempest Arsenal, the Titan of War, meets every challenge head on with maximum force. He revels in Glory and Battle. Every soldier offers a prayer that they will fight well, so that Arsenal will guide them home. Two Crossed Red Arrows
The Green Man Nature, Life The Green Man is a reclusive figure, found only away from civilization, He often appears to his followers as a dire version of an animal. He loves all living things. The story of his doomed love affair with Terrana, evil goddess of Stone, is told during winter, hoping he will escape her and return with the spring. Clerics of the Green Man are vegetarians, claiming that any animal holds a portion of their Titan’s spirit. Green Face
Koriander Tempest, Light Koriander is a playful, destructive god, who clams to have joined the Titans from beyond the stars, and does not understand the human world. “By the secret name of Koriander,” is a koan for clerics of Koriander, who does not have a secret name. Pink Starburst on Green Field
The West Winds Fortune The West Winds are said to rule over Luck and Fortune Gold Lightning Bolt
Garth, Lord of the Sea Storms and the Sea The Sea Lord is a solitary figure, for he is the only Titan to dwell outside the Tower, unable to leave his watery castle. Sailors carry a small bag of dirt from their homeland around their neck, so that Garth will know where to return their bodies if they are lost at sea. Trident
Queen Bee Love Queen Bee is a matronly, dark skinned goddess surrounded by flowers as she walks. Lovers are said to be “stung” by love. Bees are not to be confused with wasps. Honeybee
Konnel Strength, Honor Konnel (pronounced with two syllables: Konn – El ) is a Titan who loves strength and honor. He is the Titan responsible for making sure Arsenal does not become cruel. He is also protector of pregnant women and children. Diamond Shield

Evil Cults

Name Domain Description Symbol
The Slain Man War, Death His true name is lost to the Ages, but many evil creatures work as his agents, seeking to bring him more power. He seeks nothing more than a world burnt and broken with constant war and death. A Skull, left half orange, right half black, on a black background
Ravaging Rose Tempest, War The daughter of the Slain Man, Kali’s only redeeming feature is that she is a goddess of revenge, and will sometimes aid a good soul seeking to drag it from being an avenger into pure revenge. A Skull, right half red, left half black, on a black background, surrounded by thorns ad roses.
Terrana Earth, Nature and Trickery Terrana is an earth goddess that was corrupted by the Slain Man so that nothing grows, and is a goddess of winter. She fell in love with the Green Man, and tried to join the Titans. However, she sided with the Slain Man when the Titans discovered her origins, and they exiled her. She captures the Green Man every winter, but he always escapes. A rose quartz stone on a grey background

The Titans

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