Skralandian Empire

The Empire of Skralandia covers the entire western continent of Nuvorbis.
It is currently the domain of His Imperial Majesty Lucius IV. His father, Topher the Peacemaker, formally acknowledged the Kyrule Confederacy and apparently ended the Age of War. Lucius IV, only seven when his father was assassinated by hardliners, has dedicated his rule to rebuilding his empire.

Cultural Notes:
Skralandia is very much like Imperial Rome in terms of economy and politics. There are ten noble houses(the Dix) who form the aristocracy. Skralandians are mostly human, and there are fewer elves, dwarves. and halflings living among them. Dragonborn are never seen. Tieflings and Gnomes have filled many of the traditional niches of the other races.
While the Titans are worshipped, Emperor Nero II was known to be a warlock, and tieflings are often the result of someone’s ancestors making deals with dark powers.

Skralandians dress in long belted tunics, sandals, and hose in the northern regions. For formal occasions, togas are worn, and there is a tradition of conservative families wearing different togas for all occasions.
Originally, only the nobles tattooed their arms with insignia of House, alliances, status, and glory. Over time, the practice spread, so that now most adult Skralandians have at least one arm tattooed.

In the months following the fall of the old Nistarim Empire amid the formation of the Shattered Sea, House Skral of the Nistarim Royal Court moved decisively to secure their lands in what is now Skralandia. Over the next few years, Skralandia conquered, annexed, or allied themselves with every power on their continent, and within a few generations of war, they ruled over it all.

Skralandia pressed south in the east, and fought with the Dwarf Nation, and even harassed the borders of the Dragon Kings. Empress Cassiopeia attempted to invade Avamoon, the Elven island, and failed so spectacularly that no other ruler had dared suggesting another try.

As the Age of War continued, allies were absorbed into Skralandia, which grew from the most powerful kingdom among many into a true Empire. They spread east. Civilization had not flourished on the eastern continent, and so Skralandia sent its warships and settlers, and established the earliest cities in what is now the Kyrule Confederacy.

When (General) Ky revolted and declared herself Queen Ky of the Kyrule Confederacy, Skralandia sent its armies east. However, the Imperial Legions were defeated, and many coastal towns changed hands. The last conflict between Kyrule and Skralandia appeared to settle things, with both sides losing so many soldiers that war was unthinkable for a generation. By the time the next generation grew, war had lost its appeal.

Skralandian Empire

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