Kyrule Confederacy


The Kyrule Confederacy is, despite it’s name, a monarchy. It is currently ruled by Queen Ashlyn, of House Ky.


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Governance and Politics and Intrigue

The Kingdom is a feudal monarchy, with eight Dukes or Duchesses sworn to the queen, and numerous Counts and Countesses. The Queen’s Court consists of the Dukes (or their representatives) and a few other institutional leaders. The Queen reserves the right to make new Counts and establish new Houses. The Queen’s court also reviews those a Count adopts into their Houses (which elevates the person to the peerage with the title of Lord)

Each Duke maintains their own court of Counts and other powerful figures in their domains. A Duke may raise a commoner to the peerage with the title of Dame or Sir, but these titles are not inheritable (a Lady married to a Sir’s children will be Lords, while a Lord married to a Dame’s children are not).


Each House is ruled by a single person who is titled as Count (and styled as Honorable). The spouse of the head of the House is titled similarily (as Countess), but does not hold the title after her spouse dies.
Members of a House are entitled to Lord and Lady, which is the lowest inheritable rank of nobility. When there is a marriage between Houses, part of the negotiations is which House the new couple shall belong to, one half of the couple changing their allegiance.

Racial Mix:

Kyrule is 75% human, with approximately equal parts of gnome, halfling, half-elf, dwarf, and elf, tieflings. There are very few half-orcs and dragonborn.

There are currently few non-human Nobles, with none higher than Lord or Lady.

Special Racial Cultural Notes:

Especially in the south, there are many more halfling villages than people realize. However, due to the insular nature of halfling culture, they are often ignored. Including all halflings might drop humans to 60%, but no one does this.

Elves and half-elves are a special case with regards to nobility and inheritance. A noble with enough Elven blood to activate their Faerie Rebirth ability would be a special case to be considered by the liege lord, and possibly the Royal court.

Tieflings are another special case. Since Tieflings rarely have children, let alone with another tiefling, they don’t actually constitute a “race.” However, during the reign of Mordred the Dark, there were many Houses that made pacts with dark forces, and ‘throwback’ (and new) Tieflings occur every few generations as part of these legacies. Tieflings are considered a special class of human, and there are a few Noble Tieflings.

Since Tieflings are formed as part of a Dark Pact with demons or devils, Tieflings are less viewed with fear due to their appearance, but more like an approaching storm: A Tiefling is born to trouble, and few people want to be around when the trouble strikes, and everyone nearby is dragged to the Nine Hells.

Kyrule Confederacy

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