Grosbryn is a port town on the edge of the Shattered Sea and the Great Swamp. It is currently part of the Kyrule Confederacy, but during the last war with Skralandia (which ended forty years ago), it was occupied by the Empire

It is part of Duke Greenglass’s domain. It is goverend by Mayor Wolfman, a wolf halfling. The City Watch is not supported by the city, but by the Duke. However, they are commanded by Commander Aldi Phillipi, on assignment from the Kyrule Army.

Kyrule has small amounts of trade with the Dwarf Nation, Haven, and various islands. Most of the ships come from farther up the coast.

Weapons/armor can be found at the Armore, as well as other things.
Down the road is Kvarn’s Forge
Adventuring Gear, slightly used is found at Barbara’s Chandelry
Jebediah’s Books
Graeter Scrolls
Medicines can be found at the Herbalist Shop
Cloth is purchased from Ba Mills or The Ba Mill
You could go to Marin’s Rope for rope.
For any woodworking, shop at Lammas Wood

Meat: Butcher’s Meats
You can shop for fresh foodstuffs at the Vegetable Stalls

Balaam the Scribe
Clothing is tailored at Gilbert’s
Shorthaul Brokers handles money exchanges, letters of transit, and the like.
Longest Rest is the mortuary and funeral home.

The Giant’s Hammer is run by Pebble, a gnome. If you can lift the Stone Giant’s hammer, you can drink for free!


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